What people say

A letter of reference is one thing, because you can ask your mama and the people who like you to write something awesome. But the real truth is what people say about you -- unsolicited. Here is some feedback I have received over the years. 

From readers
I laughed so hard reading Aimee Heckel’s list of “un-Boulder” things to do in last week’s Friday magazine, I had to set down my latte.
- Spencer N.

I realized last week that you might be isolated from your adoring fans. I worked the UCAR Health Fair last week and everyone continued to say how much they love your articles. I am not kidding these people are nerdy scientists and they follow every article you ever write.  They love what you do.  I am getting that from everyone that has read this article. Your popularity is amazing in this community.  I am a little bit surprised but you are deserving of the attention. Men and women read all of your articles including the fashion article. I don't think you realize how loved you are in this community.  Keep up the good work.  By the way, I am and have been for years a "Heckel fan." 
- Moe S. 

I love this video as it also goes much deeper than the printed word. You learn about how this person is just like anyone else of us, his values, his life-style and his such positive attitude. The first part involved creating the character, then the message. Very cool and more than simply reporting. ... Excellent work, as usual. I've always said that in your articles you "paint word art." Now, I'm seeing another side of your journalist gift; that being now to also expand it into another media! 
- Jim H. 

I have a friend in Boulder who saves the Friday inserts for me so I can read the beer articles. I really don't give a rat's about anything else honestly, but I've come to enjoy your columns, or at least the beginnings when you lead up to the actual article's subject.  In other words, I'm not apt to be going to shop at the latest second hand store that some gal just opened or buy some cute earrings here or there, but your stories are a hoot.  I've even mailed some to a friend of mine in California. 
- Rob 

Love your column, smart, funny, informative!  
- Jane S.  

You rule. Your insight is helpful and amazing - graceful and clear. 
- Shannon P.

I just wanted to say how much I loved your article this morning on all the un-Boulder things to do!!!! It cracked me up! I have been feeling suffocated lately by all the fit people and the healthy living and it's driving me crazy! I just want to live in a place where I don't have to hide in shame in my car as I munch on my Nacho Cheese Doritos. Thank you! That gave me a good laugh.
- Mary H.

I really appreciated the effort you put into balancing today's feature on Sound Health/Vibration therapy. It is important for the Camera's credibility to continue cite medical/scientific authorities and published studies, not just anecdotal stories from providers of alternative care therapies, to avoid the appearance of promoting therapies that are unproven.
- Mary K. 

I live in Alaska for 8 months of the year but my Boulder-dwelling sister will send me your columns that she knows I'll like.  
- Vikki D.

From people I have edited

You're the biggest reason this book has even seen the light of day! Remember, I watched you edit a chapter and turn it from marginal in to something special! Really! I couldn't be more proud of you and all the extra, above-the-norm effort. I mean, you are pretty special with a great talent and I just hope you sort of keep interested in working with me, because if you don't - well it just wouldn't be the same, and it wouldn't be great! For example, I'm sure you could take what I wrote above and wave your magic, ummmm, keyboard and BOOM! So, please, take all the nice comments and reviews that are coming to heart because you deserve them!
- Chris B. 

I just re-read this and realized, 'Holy crap, I just got a great compliment from Aimee Heckel!!!"  (Still a little star-struck at times...)  
- Megan R. 
From people I have written about
What a beautiful article!!!!! You captured the essence of what I was TRYING to say-- I'm not a good verbal communicator -- just a visual communicator -- but my goodness, you are a very talented young lady -- you really got it. I am so overwhelmed with the online video!!!!! I don't even know how to express my deep, deep gratitude..........I could just cry!
- Kate R.  

Your Footloose article resonated well as measured by the number of people who talked to me about it. Thanks for your creative effort.
- Warren R. 

Thank you thank you...  GREAT article.  Really really good writing!! I do enjoy reading your materials. You have indeed found your calling.  LOVE your humor and sort of sideways smiles in your writing. 
- Victoria R. 

You are a rock star!!! What a beautiful, fun, inspiring, wonderful article. You are a wild lioness of writing.... I am blown away - you created a piece of art. I so appreciate your attention to the really important things in Boulder ;)
- Avani D.

You rock. That is a great article. It is fun, light and I love the personal side to it. Wow, you are good. ... You listened and transposed the information incredibly well. I have had about 25 phone calls today. You just busted my business wide open.  Red carpet for you, my dear!
- Marcia S. 

I wanted to follow up with you and thank you for the article you wrote about our company. We definitely enjoyed the article, and we saw an increase in our website traffic from Colorado for a few weeks. I wanted to keep communication going further, maybe someday in the future we can work together again.  
- Joseph M.

 I wanted to tell you that absolutely everyone who contacted me about the article commented on how beautifully written it was! And my close friends all said how you really captured my essence. I sent a copy of it to David Abram, the author of The Spell of the Sensuous -- he also enjoyed it very much. And, Steven Harrison, well known local author, also commented on how well written it was.
- Kate

Whoa, honestly.... you are a fabulous writer and a very entertaining (video) editor/writer/star! the piece and the video are super funny, fun, and informative. you so beautifully incorporated the book, the pap-proposal gig, and the nitty gritty about the job. i will definitely be using this as i pitch my book to agents.
- Jennifer B.

I really appreciate your work on the article for my business. I think it turned out great and really expressed the focus of my work. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the work you do. You do a huge service in helping us small business owners. 
- Annette B. 

Thank you so very much for the wonderful article, and video. I have gotten many compliments on its content.  As one friend wrote: "I was happy to see you got some excellent points across about our art and the underlying principles and psychology. Your emphasis on originality came through loud and clear." 
- Brent W. 

Thank you so much for the coverage.  I love your writing style!
- Stacey and Robin  

Thank you for your beautiful article, Aimee! Reading it made me cry happy tears :). I'm so grateful for this exposure of my work to the community.  It means the world to me.
- Lindsey B.
Thank you so much for the article about male survivors. I have received tons of positive responses. This is such an important and timely area of focus. I appreciate your initiative to make this article happen. 
- Daniel B. 

 It looks like it ran today. I figured that out once I started getting emails from people telling me that they saw the article.  
- Stacey M. 

Thanks for pulling the article together about remembering our heroes and loved ones. I think it came out great and it's a testament to your tenacity that it got done. Nice job.
- Russ H. 

Aimee, Love it!  Thank you so much, wow... what a great job you did piecing that together. It's a wonderful article. I love the intro you did. How fitting and serendipitous.
- Claire R. 

Thank you so much for writing your incredible article on October 14th about male sex abuse. I have heard from community members that your article had positive impact on them. MESA staff and I appreciate that you mentioned our event; many registrants say it was because of your article that they are coming. Thank you for your support and I hope we can work together in the future.

- Lora A.

Thank you so very much for writing such a great article for my HoopDance Fitness Class!  I really enjoyed  reading it and I think it gave a great overview of what I do!  You are a great asset to the Daily Camera!   
- Kristina S. 

Simply put, you rock. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. 
- Lori H. 

You nailed it, Aimee! Great job, and thanks!!  
- Craig W. 

The beautifully expressed article on Sole Control is todays paper was great.  I struggle with communicating what this class really is.  Now, I'm just going to hand them your article.  
- Dana B.

Is there any possibility you could email me a copy of your 'Footloose Tales' review so I can think about how best to let the world admire your writing?
- Warren R. 

Thank you for the column. We've seen a fair amount of action, both in website visits and Boulder orders, since it appeared.
- Katherine R. 

On my interviewing
Thanks for making the interview yesterday so very enjoyable. Loved your questions, loved meeting you and hope to see you again some lovely day!
- Patricia C.

From colleagues
The modern Lois Lane makes me smile. I have been thinking about how not real-time we are and frustrating that can be. It takes so long to produce a story, and meanwhile, so much else is happening. Your pitch sounds positive, sensible and forward-looking. Can't wait to see how it goes.
- Kristen B.